Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s


The Sounds & Spelling Patterns of English

Chapter I: A Few Words about Words

Chapter II: Vowels and Consonants

Single Vowels

Vowel Teams

Vowels Followed by “R”


 Single Consonants

 Single-Sound Consonant Teams

 Consonant Blends

 Hard and Soft C and G

 Y as a Consonant and as a Vowel

Chapter III: Syllables

 The Six Syllable Types
Closed Syllables
Open Syllables
Magic-E Syllables
Vowel-Team Syllables
Vowel-R Syllables

Consonant Patterns in Monosyllabic Words

Chapter IV: Multisyllable Words

Prefixes and Suffixes
Rules for Adding Suffixes

The Doubling (or 1-1-1) Rule

 The Silent-E Rule

 Adding Suffixes to Words That End in Y

Compound Words

Syllable Division Patterns
The CLE Pattern
The VCCV Pattern
The VCV Pattern

Pronunciation of Multisyllable Words

Chapter V: Phonemic Awareness

Identifying the Problem

Developing Phonemic Awareness

Appendix A: Sounds for Consonants and Vowels

Consonants and Consonant Teams
Single Consonants
Single-Sound Consonant Teams
Consonant Blends
Other Letter Combinations

Vowels and Vowel Teams
The Vowel-Team Pictures

Thoughts on Teaching Vowel Sounds

Appendix B:  Prefixes and Suffixes  

Sounds & Spelling

 The Sounds and Spelling Patterns of English — a concise overview of the structure of written English words.  It explains clearly how their sounds are paired with their spelling patterns.

“Dr. Fischer has carefully edited this book for the use of the non-specialist.... There is no educational jargon, and the tone projects an all adults as teachers, all people as learners, outlook.”   
 LDA of Maine Newsletter

 “...a good and practical overview of English phonics.”                CHOICE

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This book is written for anyone who is or will be involved,
directly or indirectly, in teaching someone to read words.

Phoneme Practice CD


The Sounds & Spelling Patterns of English

by Phyllis E. Fischer

Read by Dale Hill

© 1993, 2005

Oxton House Publishers, LLC.  

All rights reserved.

ISBN 1-881929-41-8

Track 1: Introduction

Tracks 2 – 20: The Consonants

Tracks 21 – 22: Marker-e and Consonant-l-e

Tracks 23 – 33: The Vowels

A valuable tool for teachers of beginning readers and English Language Learners!

The Basic Sounds of English

Read by Dale Hill, a professional actor and diction coach, this 40-minute CD models the sounds of all the letters and basic letter clusters ― the graphemes ― of the English language.  Each of the sounds is read twice with pauses in between, so that learners can compare what they say to what they hear.

These graphemes are listed and described in Appendix A of The Sounds and Spelling Patterns of English, with information about their phonemes and words that contain them.  But reading about a sound is not the same as hearing it!  This audio CD provides excellent models, free of regional dialect or accent, to help teachers with proper pronunciation.  For effective grapheme‹–›phoneme association, we suggest following along in Appendix A of the book.

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