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Say, Read, & Spell

The sequencing of the skills follows that of Stories from Somerville Reader 1, also by Kimberly Ramsey.  The five sets of masters cover all the skills introduced in 50 stories of that reader.  Of course, these worksheets can be used independently of Stories from Somerville to teach the same skills.

Say, Read, & Spell by Kimberly Ramsey
with instruction notes by Dr. Phyllis E. Fischer

This is a series of five sets of 8½"×11" worksheets, covering 50 separate skills for reading one-syllable words and common suffixes.  There are four pages of exercises for each skill:

word patterns,  reading the words,  alphabetizing,  spelling

These worksheets are for independent practice, so there are only a few different exercise formats.

For independent practice on early reading and spelling skills —
ideal for tutors or parents who want their children to practice some skills on their own:

1. Closed syllables with a & c=/k/, f, h, j, m, s, t

2. + b, d, g, l, n, p, r

3. + magic-e syllables with a and k, v, x, y, z

4. + magic-e syllables ending in ce and ge

5. + the suffixes -s and -’s

6. + i  in closed syllables

7. + the suffixes -s and -’s

8. + i  in magic-e syllables

9. + the suffixes -s and -’s


31: + suffixes ed and ing on closed syllables

32: + suffixes ed anding on magic-e syllables

33: + suffixes er, est, y, and ly on closed syllables

34: + suffixes er, est, y, and ly on magic-e syllables

35: + open syllables

36: + marker-e words

37: + vowel-r units, especially ar, er, ir, ur

38: + vowel-r, especially or, war, wor

39: review vowel-r, especially marker-e words

40: + vowel-r magic-e words


19. Closed syllables with all vowels + consonant-l blends

20. + consonant-l blends in magic-e syllables

21. + consonant-r blends in closed syllables and the -es suffix on closed syllables

22. + consonant-r blends in magic-e syllables

23. + s-consonant beginning blends in closed syllables

24. + 3-letter s-consonant beginning blends in closed syllables

25. + s-consonant beginning blends in
magic-e syllables

26. + chr, thr, dw, tw

27. + ending blends ft, pt, lp, xt, sk, sp, st

28. + ending blends ct, ld, lk, lt, mp, nd, nt

29. + ending 3-letter blends

30. + any blend at the beginning or end


41: + A-vowel teams ai and ay

42: + A-vowel teams au, augh, aw, wa,

      ald, alk, all, alm, alt

43: + E-vowel teams ee and ea

44: + E-vowel teams eu, ew, eigh, ei, ey

45: + I-vowel teams ie, ind, igh, ign

46: + O-vowel teams oa, oe, oo, old, olk, olt, oll, ost

47: + O-vowel teams oi, oy, ou, ow

48: + U-vowel teams ue, ui

49: + vowel-r vowel-teams air, ear, eer

50: + vowel-r vowel-teams ier, oar, our


Say, Read, & Spell

Set 1 download

Say, Read, & Spell

Set 2 download

Say, Read, & Spell

Set 3 download

Say, Read, & Spell

Set 4 download

Say, Read, & Spell

Set 5 download

Purchase entitles any one teacher, tutor, or parent to unlimited photocopying for use with their own students or children.

The skills in each set:

10. Closed syllables with o (plus Set 1 skills)

11. + o in magic-e syllables & –s and –’s

12. + u in closed syllables

13. + u in magic-e syllables & –s and –’s

14. + e in closed syllables

15. + the SSCTs ck, qu, ff, ll, ss, & zz in closed syllables & –es

16.  + the SSCTs sh, ch, th, and tch in closed syllables & –es

17.  + the SSCTs wh and ph in closed & magic-e syllables

18.  + the SSCTs ng, nk, and wr in closed syllables


To see a sample of how the four exercise types are used to teach a skill, click here:

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