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These worksheets train the brain’s visual (orthographic) processor to recognize the letter units in words. Many worksheets are designed to make this process automatic.  On these sheets, students should be timed for a short time, so that they complete only a small portion of the worksheet at any one time.  

Instructions for using the worksheets to teach the patterns as concepts are included.

Level 1

8½"×11" looseleaf

23 worksheet masters
 + 12 pages of guidance
ISBN 1-881929-09-4

Level 2

8½"×11" looseleaf

87 worksheet masters
 + 56 pages of
detailed guidance
ISBN 1-881929-12-4

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Copyright same as print version: © Phyllis E. Fischer, 1997. All rights reserved. For use by any single teacher or tutor with the students that person teaches.

Level 2 Worksheets download

Here are some partial pages of worksheets from Levels 1 and 2.

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