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Legacy of the Blue Heron: Living with Learning Disabilities by Harry Sylvester.

This engaging book is a personal account of learning about and coping with learning disabilities
by someone who has “been there and done that.”  Harry Sylvester gives you a down-to-earth, common-sense look at the often misunderstood world of dyslexia and related disabilities.

From the Richelieu Seignories to the Eastern Townships

an autobiographical account by Edward J. Struthers, 1893-1974

edited by Lewis S. Kreger, UE

For anyone interested in Loyalist genealogy at the time of the American Revolution, or the events of World War I, or the history of Quebec, this is a rich, rare collection of informative anecdotes and recollections.

A slice of history from the Quebec-US border

Several years ago, Oxton House acquired a stock of delightful maze booklets from Whimsy’s Workshop. They are the work of the late Rosalie Hall, a talented artist with a flair for children’s designs.  

Amazing Critters — 12 animal mazes, one a double-page spread

Through the Year — 12 mazes, each one on a theme of the month

These two beautifully hand-drawn booklets help children develop hand-eye coordination and spatial perception while having fun. The maze pictures can also be used for coloring.

While they last...

Besides our very important book on learning disabilities, this section contains several educationally worthwhile publications from other sources that Oxton House has acquired for resale.

Buy as an e-book for only $3.99

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6"×9" paperback

190 pages


Legacy of the Blue Heron

Both booklets for only $3.95 — less than 17 cents for each beautiful, hand-drawn maze!

 5¼" × 8¼" paperback

127 pages


This was a private, limited printing. There are only a few dozen of these unusual books left.  

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Made by Serif

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8½"×11" saddle-stapled

12 animal mazes:






Tiger (double-page)


Dall’s Sheep





Answer key

12 mazes, one for each month:

January – The Snow Family

February – Valentine Box

March – The Leprechaun

April – April Showers

May – The Flowers

June – Mr. Sun

July – Shell Hunt

August – The Picnic

September – Back to School

October – The Leaves

November – Cornucopia

December – Christmas Wreath

Answer key


8½"×11" saddle-stapled