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Nimble Numeracy, from pages 8 & 9

The following  excerpt from pages 8 and 9 typifies the suggested dialogue and teaching methodology in the early chapters of Nimble Numeracy.

With your chart out, introduce the lesson by pointing to each number while saying something like:

Today we're going to work on the numbers thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen.  That's a lot all at once, but you really know them already because you know the numbers three (point to 3 above 13), four (continue to point as you name them), five, six, seven, eight, and nine.

Let's start with fourteen.  We say the four first, and then say teen for the one that's right before it.  Point to the 4 and 1 as you say this.  Point to the 4 and 1 while you say four and teen again.  Pause very slightly between the syllables.

Now you say it while I point to the numbers. (“four teen”)   Again. (“four teen”)  Again.  (“fourteen”).

The student should say the word with no pause by the last time.

Now let's try this one. Point to 19.

Point to the 9 above 19 and say, This is nine, so for this (point to 19) we say nine teen. Point to the 9 and then the 1 as you say the words.

Say it with me.  Have them say the words two or three times as you point.  Say it with them if they need it.

Now you do this one. (Point to 18.)

These are the same (point to the two 8s) so you'll say that and then add teen.  Say the number when I point.

Point and have them say eight teen two or three times.

Repeat with 16 and 17.  Then have the students name 14, 16, 17, 18, and 19.  (If you do not have enough time or focus of attention to go through all of the numbers, this is a good place to stop introducing them.  Go to the step below of having the students point to, read, and trace them on their own cards.  If you stop here, review these numbers briefly before you introduce 13 and 15, which are next.)

Introduce 13 by pointing to it and saying something like:

Now we'll work on thir teen.  It's just a little harder because we say thir instead of three.  Say thir.  (“thir”)  Again.  (“thir”)

So, this number (point to 13) is thirteen.  What is it?  (“thirteen”)

We say thir for this part of thir teen. Point to the 3 in 13.  What number does it match? (Point to the 3 above.)   (“three”)

So we say thir for the 3 and teen for the 1 (point).  Say the number.  (“thirteen”)   Again.  (“thirteen”)

Repeat with 15, comparing five with fif.  

Fast Oral Practice: You say thir and they say three, you say fif and they say five, you say three and they say thir, or you say five and they say fif.

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