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Nimble Numeracy

Numeracy is the ability to deal with numbers comfortably.  Some children come by that ability naturally; others do not.  For those who don’t, the problem often stems from trouble with the language of numbers.  These students often learn arithmetic concepts with difficulty, process problems slowly, and compute inaccurately, even when they know the algorithms.  Many of them also do not read fluently and cannot process written arithmetic easily.  Often they come to school with a great deal of mathematical knowledge.  Nimble Numeracy will help you help those students to unlock that knowledge.

7"× 8½" perfect bound.
136 pages + 4 foldout charts

The activities in this book are easy to do with individuals, small groups, or whole classes of students.  Suggested wording for the teacher is included, but it is not a script that must be followed.  It just models what needs to be done and what kind of response is expected of the students.

Nimble Numeracy

Fluency in Counting and Basic Arithmetic

 by Dr. Phyllis E. Fischer

A detailed, easy-to-read handbook for teachers, tutors, and parents who want to help their children develop fluent arithmetic skills.  It provides explicit teaching strategies for counting and basic arithmetic, with step-by-step details on how to teach our counting system, work with the base-ten place-value system, and teach adding/subtracting and multiplying/dividing as pairs of related operations.  

Fluency with the language of numbers is a major theme.

Nimble Numeracy develops a solid understanding of the base-ten numeration system, with teaching activities that help children master efficient ways to add and subtract large numbers.  It extends these ideas to understanding the relationship between addition and subtraction and between multiplication and division, and from there to a sense of how simple fractions work.

“.... The book’s strength is that it demonstrates a consistent pattern of instruction.  Direct instruction is followed by oral practice and writing numerals and number words.  The author discusses areas that might be difficult for students...and suggests how to practice to build fluency.... Teachers of primary and middle elementary grades will find this book useful for developing number concepts and the fluency that children need to build a strong sense of number.”

 Teaching Children Mathematics

A review of Nimble Numeracy

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