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Making Handwriting Flow

This concise, useful package is designed to help you help those students.  Its 16-page booklet contains detailed notes about teaching handwriting and step-by-step instructions on using speed drills to promote handwriting fluency, in two major parts:

Do you have students who need to...

Making Handwriting Flow

by Phyllis E. Fischer



a, m, t, s, S, p, P, M

e, f, h, th, i

I, c, n

C, N

d, D

g, o, k, K

v, V

b, B

A, r

l, j, J

z, Z

w, W, x, y, Y

F, G, H, L, q, u, qu, Q

R, O, U

some irregular words

more irregular words


number words


h, i, l, b, k, f, c, o, d, g

ck, cl, bl, fl, o, ch

qu, A, B, C, D, T, E, F, G, H, K, L

i, j, p, t, u, w, (w+a, e, i, o, h)

s, S, the s-blends, r, vr

br, cr, dr, fr, pr, tr, wr, str, I, J, P, U, W, R

m, n, v, ve, x

y, z, M, N, V, X, Y, Z, a & i vowel teams

e, o, & u vowel teams, ough

number words

The Tracing Models

ISBN 1-881929-15-9


Handwriting Speed Drills

Alphabet Speed Drills

Whole Word Speed Drills

Number Speed Drills

Irregular-Word Sentence Drills

It also contains 28 looseleaf sheets of tracing models for handwriting -- 18 sheets for printing and 10 sheets for cursive writing -- along with blackline master sheets for making lined paper of two different spacing sizes and for making student progress charts for the speed drills.  

Teaching Handwriting

General Notes

Using Tracing Models

Examples of tracing model sheets:

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