Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s


Fischer Decoding Mastery Test




What is it?

The FDMT is a program-independent set of four individually administered subtests:

Reading Words

Saying Sounds

Naming Letters

Spelling Words & Sounds

This powerful, flexible diagnostic tool is based on more than 40 years of clinical experience, teaching and research.

What does it do?

The FDMT tells you exactly which decoding skills have been mastered (don’t need to be taught), which are in transition (need some attention) and which skills need to be taught “from scratch.”  This enables teachers to pinpoint each student’s exact needs and
to measure progress against previous performance.

Who should use it?

The FDMT is an essential tool for any teacher, tutor, or supervisor who needs to determine individual student levels of decoding mastery.

Because this test enables the examiner to measure mastery levels on the structures of written English, it is particularly useful for evaluating progress on goals of IEPs or similar individualized programs.

This complete kit for testing 20 students includes:

Complete Test Kit

only $69.95

Package of 20 additional 7-page sets of student response forms:


Does it work?

Preliminary versions of this test were piloted extensively in classroom and clinical settings.  Statistical analysis and direct observations by experienced teachers confirm that this test is a highly reliable diagnostic tool for identifying precisely which decoding skills students have mastered and which skills need to be taught!

(about $3.50 per
student tested)

How long does it take?

All four subtests of the FDMT can be given within 30 minutes.  For students with very few decoding skills, the time may be quite a bit less, perhaps as little as 5–10 minutes.

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