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Downloadable sets of Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s materials:

Provide concept practice and develop orthographic automaticity on the graphemes used in closed, magic-e, and open syllables.

Set of Contrast Cards  $16.95

Provide concept practice and develop orthographic automaticity on the structure of VR & VT syllables, all one-syllable words with suffixes, and all two-syllable words.

Most Phyllis Fischer publications can now be purchased as downloads.  The current choices are listed below.  As time goes on, more items may be added to this list.

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The cards in this download package are in two sizes: (1) the same half-page size as the print set, and (2) full-page size, in landscape format with larger print – useful with larger groups, especially of kindergarten and first grade children.

Speed Drills for Decoding Automaticity $24.95
Concept Phonics™ sequence

Multi-Sequence Speed Drills   $24.95
its standard Orton-Gillingham programs

Level 1 Worksheets   $14.95

Level 2 Worksheets   $25.95

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Speed Drills for Arithmetic Facts   $19.95

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These carefully constructed exercises help students become automatic and fluent with the basic facts of the four fundamental operations of arithmetic.

Word Lists 1: The Monosyllables  $19.95

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More than 3500 one-syllable English words, grouped by syllable structure and subdivided by consonant and/or rhyme, with six pages of notes.

Word Lists 2: Two-Syllable Words  $14.95

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Richly annotated lists of more than 3000 two-syllable English words, sorted by vowel sound, syllable, accent pattern, and grade level.

Made by Serif

Sentences & Paragraphs  $8.95

Short passages of decodable reading material for beginning readers, with Teaching Tips.

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Fischer Decoding Mastery Test   $34.95

A program-independent set of four individually administered subtests

that provide a powerful, flexible diagnostic tool based on more than 40 years of clinical experience, teaching and research.

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Objectives & Activities, Level One   $14.95

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A detailed manual of explicit instructions on how to teach the sounds and spelling patterns for closed, magic-e, and open syllables, including specific instructions and word lists for teaching phonemic awareness.

Objectives & Activities, Level Two  $16.95

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Continuing from Level 1, this guide provides instructions for teaching how to read and spell the vowel+r and vowel team words, the suffix patterns for all one-syllable words, and it completes the two-syllable word patterns.

Teaching Comprehension: Strategies for Stories   $24.95

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A manual of comprehension strategies to help your students understand any narrative text, from short stories to chapter books to long novels.  The story examples are from Kimberly Ramsey’s Stories from Somerville, Book 1, a reader in phonetically controlled text, which is included in this package.  

Vowel-Team Pictures $11.95

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Highly effective memory devices for teaching the spellings and sounds of the r-controlled units and the vowel teams.  Now with 8 pages of guidance for effective use.