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Decoding Automaticity Workshop

Make Decoding Automatic!

a professional development workshop

by Phyllis E. Fischer, Ph.D.

I.  Introduction

A.  What is reading fluency and why is it important?

B.  How does decoding automaticity relate to reading fluency?

II.  Decoding automaticity and the brain

A.  How the brain’s reading processors decode words

B.  How the brain recognizes sight words

III.  How the materials and activities of Concept Phonics develop orthographic and phonological automaticity

A.  Individual phonemes and graphemes

Research on teaching multiple sounds for a grapheme simultaneously, rather than successively

Vowel sounds — the contrast cards

Consonant sounds — discussion and contrast cards (RAN task)

Developing orthographic and phonological automaticity on
consonant clusters (digraphs, silent letter clusters, blends)

B.  The closed, magic-e, and open syllable structures

Orthographic automaticity

Phonological automaticity

C.  Whole word automaticity for all syllable structures

D.  Spelling pattern fluency

E.  The vowel-R and vowel-team clusters & syllables

Orthographic automaticity

Phonological automaticity

F.  Consonant-l-e words or Suffixes (as time permits)

Orthographic automaticity

Phonological automaticity

The Day

8:00-8:30 Continental Breakfast

8:30-10:15  Parts I & II

10:15-10:30  Break

10:30-12:00  Part III A

12:00-12:45  Lunch

12:45-2:00   Parts III B, C, D, E

2:00-2:15  Break

2:15-3:15  Part III F

3:15-3:30  Closing Comments

6-hour professional development
Certificates of Attendance
 will be provided.

Some participants’ comments:

“Dr. Fischer is an outstanding teacher who has a wonderfully pragmatic, conceptual approach to very linguistically complex material.”

“Very good introduction and progression to the workshop.  Examples at each stage were very well directed.”

“Excellent hands-on presenter with tons of clinical experience.”

“Very practical; makes sense; not ‘bogged down’ with terminology.  I liked it all!”

“She enabled me to work with those struggling readers who have not responded...I got answers!  The speaker was worth her weight in gold.”

“Very informative -- can take info back and use immediately in the classroom.  Great workshop.”

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Dr. Phyllis Fischer, the author of Concept Phonics,  holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology from the University of Minnesota.  She has more than 35 years of experience in research, teaching, and clinical practice in Learning Disabilities and related reading problems.

In this full-day workshop, Dr. Fischer shows you how to use her materials and techniques to develop decoding automaticity in beginning or struggling readers.

The materials presented in this workshop are flexible, efficient, research-based supplements to any phonics-based reading program.  This makes them particularly useful for RTI and Tiered Instruction.  Dr. Fischer’s remarkably effective, timesaving techniques come from more than 35 years or research, teaching, and clinical practice.

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