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An additional benefit:
The cards in this download package are in two sizes.  One is the same half-page size as the print set.  The other is full-page size, in landscape format with larger print – useful with larger groups, especially of kindergarten and first grade children.

Contrast Cards, revised & expanded

The 43 cards in this expanded set train the brain’s speech processor to say the sounds for the letter units, either in isolation or in words.  The cards for each group of contrasts are in different colors so that you can quickly find the ones you need for a lesson.

Each card is 8½” by 5½”.  Here are two samples:

What’s New:

>> 14 new cards for developing response automaticity of symbol–sound correspondence, added in response to teacher requests and clinic observations.

>> Four more pages of instructions and teaching tips, incorporating suggestions from many users and observations from research in decoding.

Contrast Card Set
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Contrast Cards download

Copyright same as print version: © Phyllis E. Fischer, 1997. All rights reserved. For use by any single teacher or tutor with the students that person teaches.

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Sounds Contrast Cards

CREAM (9 cards) – to practice sounds of the single consonants.

GREEN (5 cards) – to practice the single-sound consonant teams, such as ck, qu, sh, etc.

GRAY (6 cards) – to practice the sounds of the single vowels, one card for each vowel.


Pattern Contrast Cards

YELLOW (5 cards) – to contrast the short and long vowel sounds in closed and magic-e syllables, one card for each vowel.

BEIGE (3 cards) – to develop fluency with hard and soft sounds of c and g; one for a and e, one for o and i, one for u and y.

GOLD (5 cards) – to find the correct vowel sound for closed and magic-e words with suffixes, one card for each vowel.

BLUE (2 cards) – to practice the sound of the vowels before r, vowel-r units and vowel-r-e units.

ORANGE (6 cards) – to practice the sound of the vowel in the first syllable of consonant-l-e words, one for each vowel and one for vowel-r syllables.

+ 8 pages of detailed notes and teaching suggestions

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