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Vowel-Team Pictures

This is the unmarked side of the Star card.  The same picture and vowel teams appear on the other side, along with the diacritical marks for each team.

The blackline master for each picture contains the outline of the shape and marked spaces for each vowel team, so students can practice filling them in from memory on their own copies.

Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s Vowel-Team Pictures are highly effective memory devices for teaching the spellings and sounds of the r-controlled units and the vowel teams.  The sounds are attached to the positions on the pictures.  Students learn the locations of the letter teams on the picture and then learn the sounds.  They can then use these associations to recall the sounds for the teams.

Here is an example:

The set contains six 8½"×11" two-sided, color-coded display cards with the vowel teams unmarked on one side and the same vowel teams with their diacritical marks on the other.

SKATE (gray) – a-vowel teams

KEY (green) – e-vowel teams

KITE (ivory) – i-vowel teams

GHOST (gold) – o-vowel teams

CUBE (blue) – u-vowel teams

STAR  (orange) – vr-vowel teams

Also included are blank practice copy picture masters and three pages of instruction.

What's in the set?

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