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Sentences & Paragraphs

This 40-page booklet contains decodable reading material for students who are at the very beginning of the Concept Phonics (or other phonics-based) reading program.  It gradually introduces the vowels a and i and all consonant combinations in closed, magic-e, and open syllables.  Four pages of teaching tips are available.


Closed and Magic-e Syllables with a and:

~ p, s, f, m, t ~

Pam is fat.  Sam is fat.

Pam sat on a mat.  Sam sat on a mat.

Sam is safe.  Pam is safe.

The ape is safe.

The ape ate the tape.

~   h   ~

Sam has a hat.  Sam has a ham.

The ape ate the hat.  The ape ate the ham.  The ape ate the mat!

Two typical pages:


maze.  Abe is in a daze.  Can Abe come out of that maze?

~  c = /s/  ~

Abe and Jane race to the maze.

Kate has a cape that has lace on it.  Kate can take her cape to the game.

Jane has an ace.  Abe has an ace, too.  Can Jane have the ace that Abe has?

Take Nate to have a bath.  His face has jam on it.

Can an ace race?  Can lace race?

Can an ace lace?  Can lace lace?

Closed and magic-e syllables with a and:

p, s, f, m, t (is, on, a, the)



c (his)

n (and)


g (to)

k (because, no, not)

v (in, for, too, into)

b (of, have, he)


l (oh, was)



c=/s/ (come, out)

g=/j/; (do)


x (did)


The suffixes –s and –‘s (they, were)

The vowel I  (so, I, what)

The suffixes –s and –‘s (are, does)

SSCTs with a

SSCTs with I (she, but, put, your)

The suffix –es (we, from, us, up, would)

Beginning consonant blends (their, off, should,
Mr., there, any, could)

Ending consonant blends (two, or, you, Mrs.)

Open syllables with I, y, o, and e (said, says, many, very)

CONTENTS (sight words in parentheses; irregular in bold)

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