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Chapter Books by Dion

Have you taught lots of decoding skills, but your intermediate and middle school students still don’t want to read chapter books?  Try these!  The text is less crowded and advanced skills are introduced systematically.

Meet Sam, a likeable 10-year-old, and his 85-year-old fishing buddy Zo, who shows Sam how his physical disability is  not a barrier to his aspirations.

Sam wants to do something that seems impossible.  Clinging to his dream, he learns a valuable lesson about friendship, trust, and the power of imagination.

57 pages plus 10 pages of notes and word lists
for reading instruction. Suitable for ages 8 and up.    ISBN 1-881929-34-5, perfect bound

Now 12 years old, Sam is in 6th grade and is a talented chess player.  He unexpectedly confronts a frightening memory of the accident that caused his mobility problems, but with the help of an old friend, he regains the confidence to move on to the challenge of a national tournament.

57 pages plus 8 pages of notes and word lists
for reading instruction. Suitable for ages 9 and up.    ISBN 1-881929-43-4, perfect bound

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Now an e-book for only $1.99 ! Click for info.

About the Controlled Vocabulary

Unlike much phonetically controlled writing, these books emphasize certain families of words without compromising the natural flow of language for the reader.  Students who just want to read a good story are unlikely to be aware of the word families being emphasized.

Fishing with Balloons provides extensive practice on two-syllable words with suffixes added, with emphasis on the consonant-l-e words with suffixes and on words ending in -ment.

Chess with Butterflies provides practice on words ending in -tion,
-cial, and similar suffixes, along
with other multisyllable words.

  The word lists and teaching tips in the back of each book allow for additional practice on these emphasized word forms and on many of the multi-syllable words used in the books, allowing instruction to be tailored to each reader’s skill level.

Starting with engaging, out-of-the-ordinary characters, Dion — a talented author and experienced teacher — builds stories that use true-to-life situations as they move towards their satisfying conclusions.  Their phonetically controlled vocabulary makes these books suitable even for reluctant readers.

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