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Oxton House Publishers was founded in 1992 by two Ph.D. educators with more than fifty years of combined teaching experience, from early elementary school through advanced university courses. We are committed to providing high quality, effective, low-cost educational materials for needs not well served by mass-market publications, particularly in the areas of early reading skills and mathematics. We pay special attention to materials that work well for students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities.

Our company began in a 170-year-old farmhouse in Montville, Maine. In the late nineteenth century, Montville was a thriving rural community, and this house and the farm around it belonged to the Oxton family. According to local lore, the Oxtons were, among other things, the schoolteachers for the area, and the community schoolhouse was built on their farm. We chose the name “Oxton House” to represent a fitting extension of that tradition of community service through education.

Now our offices are at 104 Court Street in Farmington, Maine, a small, vibrant community in the western Maine mountains.  The office is staffed Monday through Friday.  If you get our phone machine, we may be helping another caller.  Just leave a voice or email message saying when and how you can be reached and someone will contact you promptly.


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