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This is the home of Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s research-based, multisensory reading-decoding program, Concept Phonics, a classroom-tested, efficient, economical way to achieve breakthrough success with beginning readers.  

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Most Oxton House publications are no longer available in paper form, but can be purchased by credit card as pdf downloads.  

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What's New:

As of October 1, 2020, Oxton House Publishers, LLC is no longer an active publishing company.  However, Dr. Phyllis Fischer’s teaching materials are still available through this website, which is now hers.  The Oxton House name will remain as a convenient historical reference for people who know her materials from it.

To contact Dr. Fischer directly, email ohppef@gmail.com

Dr. Phyllis Fischer

A few hard-copy items are still available, including

The Sounds and Spelling Patterns of English

Phoneme Practice CD

Nimble Numeracy

Fischer Decoding Mastery Test

For more information or to order, e-mail ohppef@gmail.com .

To learn more about Dr. Fischer, click HERE.